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The bill gives legal immunity to companies that share personal data with the government in the name of cyber security.In reality, the government would use the data they receive under the bill in a scheme to justify warrantless mass surveillance of domestic Internet traffic. It grants big businesses and banks legal immunity to do almost anything they want with our data, in exchange for sharing our personal information with the government. Congress is rushing toward a vote on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing Act (CISA), a dirty deal between government spy agencies like the NSA and giants Facebook and Google.The econometric method used by Chan and Ghose has the equivalent effect of comparing HIV trends across markets with and without Craigslist, and before and after Craigslist exists in these locations.

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99% of girls will fit into one of the categories that I mentioned, but they won’t be offended.

To my shock, I found out almost all the ads were hookup ads.

They were very explicit,” said Chan, who wrote the journal article with Prof. Chan explained that because Craigslist entered individual markets without respect to concurrent HIV trends, it provided a “natural experiment” platform for the study.

People are buying more than just used cars and furniture on Craigslist.

Known as the “Best Place to Find Free STDs”, Craigslist has become a popular place to peruse the most explicitly-direct sexual desires.


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