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The fiery Jackson had a propensity to respond to aspersions cast on his honor with pistols.

Historians estimate that “Old Hickory” may have participated in anywhere between 5 and 100 duels.

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The Jacksons settled with fellow Scotch-Irish Presbyterians in the Waxhaws region that straddled North and South Carolina.

Chat using face-to-face chat or just simply text to friends, family or random strangers.The talk to strangers App helps you to randomly choose people whom you want to and talk to them.Find new friends online and talk to from almost over 200 countries all over the world.When a man named Charles Dickinson called Jackson “a worthless scoundrel, a paltroon and a coward” in a local newspaper in 1806, the future president challenged his accuser to a duel.At the command, Dickinson fired and hit Jackson in the chest. Kennedy was the first Irish-Catholic president, Andrew Jackson was the first chief executive with roots in the Emerald Isle.


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