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She and Ivana had a famous confrontation on an Aspen ski slope.She married the then-real estate mogul on December 20, 1993, at The Plaza Hotel in New York City shortly after he had divorced.He parked in back, went inside and then walked upstairs to a room where his gorgeous blond wife, Alisa, was waiting.The Earles – whose home is just 1.6 miles from the house where Dupre lives – refused to talk to a Post reporter when peppered with questions about Earle and Dupre’s date.Throughout Hollywood history, the other woman has always been a part of the conversation, but in recent years more and more scandals have become public headlines.

Left and learned what it was like to have everything, and lose it, again and again." "I have been alone," she wrote. When a neighbor was shown photos of Earle with Dupre, who was wearing a skin tight leather short skirt, a sexy tank top, sunglasses and stiletto heels, he let out a shocked, “Oh, boy!Looking polished and contented at a family party, one-time call girl Ashley Dupre, made famous for bedding former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, posed next to her fiancé after it was revealed she was expecting the couple's first child in two months.They had one child together, Tiffany, who was active on Trump's campaign.These days Marla has a net-worth of nearly million and a successful career of her own as an actress.See where all the most famous Hollywood mistresses are now: Rachel Uchitel famously bedded Tiger Woods and was the most famous mistress in his high-profile string of affairs. Edwards and his wife split and she died in 2010 from cancer, but Rielle never really recovered from things.


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