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Two recent threads revealed the 'cool girl' moves that guys apparently don't think are remotely 'cool'.

Reddit has its controversial content that has earned a lot of criticism, like the now-banned subreddits (communities within Reddit) r/Creepshots and r/Jailbait, which became online libraries of thousands of photographs of underage girls.

Most recently, Reddit users received criticism for their involvement in the leaks of celebrity nude photos dubbed, "The Fappening." For many people, these events might have been their only exposure to the site—but there's a lot more to it than that.

We've gathered some of the biggest and most interesting posts in Reddit history so you can acquaint yourself with the site and its community.

She explained: “It’s where you turn your bum hole white instead of brown.”Danny seemed confused, saying: “I genuinely don’t get that.”If that wasn’t bad enough, the conversation quickly turned to weeing.

Danny admitted that he’d peed in his shoes while drunk.


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