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My recollection is hazy, but I think Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan have also discussed how they try to not be on the road for too long because it takes them away from the family. You're out every/most nights of the week at bars and getting home late. Clearly you need someone who really supports you in what you're trying to do and understands the game and how it works.

You could bring your signif other to shows, but how much comedy can you subject someone to before it turns into a punishment?

(Then again, someone who never goes to see you perform seems like a problem too.) Bringing someone to an open mic is just plain cruel — unless you've got some sort of S&M thing going on and the whip ain't cutting it anymore.

Think of the blackest thing you can imagine and double that blackness and take a black magic marker and fill in the gaps and put that into a black rocket ship and shoot that into the depths of black space and close your eyes and use that as a reference. " You ever feel a word comin' out but it's too late to stop it?

I knew they were havin' one just thought maybe we could talk about it, if you want." Have you ever guessed someone's gender wrong? You just gotta move on, 'cause you ain't wigglin' out of anything.


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