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In India the largest Harappan site is located in Haryana Rakhigarhi, and the second largest is in Dholavira, Gujarat.Construction of well-planned cities by using bricks, and proper drainage system are the main features of this civilization.Vast and awesome, the Saraswati's holy waters are supposed to have flowed from the Himalayas into the sea, nourishing the land along the way.But as the centuries passed and no one could find it, myth, belief and religion came together and the Saraswati passed into the realm of folklore.Ancient Hindu scriptures called the Vedas, recorded thousands of years ago, are full of tantalizing hymns about it being the life-stream of the people.In a new radio programme, Madhur Jaffrey recounts the legend of the Saraswati river - and explores startling new evidence that it may not have been a myth after all.

However, by the time of 500 BC or 400 BC, during the period of Gautama Buddha, these sixteen monarchies were combined to make four big kingdoms of Avanti, Magadha, Kosala and Vatsa.

Though people used to live on the banks of the Indus River before this period but it was only during a Bronze Age when they actually started living as civilized and urban societies.

Harappa and Mohenjo-daro were the two prominent cities of Indus Valley Civilization.

Now most people in India think of it as a mythical river.

Some even believe that it is an invisible river or that it still flows underground.


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