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However, I got very good people on the road, thanks to them, everything has been much less difficult.

My family has remained united and strong, we have been able to adapt very well to all the changes. My family is very Catholic, belonging to Opus Dei, so I obviously talked to my best friend before any member of my family.

Born in Waganakising (Middle Village) in 1768, Odawa warrior and orator Assiginack led his war party from the shores of Little Traverse Bay to fight in the Niagara Theater in the War of 1812.

Assiginack’s war party included Mookmanish (Little Bad Knife), Kishigopenasi (Day Bird), Makadepenasi (Blackbird), Eshquagonabe (Looking Back) and Clap of Thunder at Night.

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Kendal strives to serve the greater community as well, with fitness center classes open to community members, the Kendal Early Learning Center, and programs like Kendal at Home.

Founded as a nonprofit organization based on Quaker values, we are a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, caring community focused on healthy aging.

We support individual lifestyles by promoting independence, continuous learning, engagement in and service to the wider community, social and intergenerational relationships and excellent health care.

Brooks is right about that, and it was good of him to use that example, however trivial it might sound.

The fact that so many snarky commenters don’t understand why something as small as this matters reveals their insensitivity to the phenomenon.


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