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Police at the time said they confiscated “about half a pound of marijuana” from the group.

The arrests of Bowie, Osterberg and two others took place at a.m.

(Reverb just posted my final interview with Bowie, dating back to my music critic years.) One example (of thousands) involves Bowie’s stylish and even classy Class C felony arrest for marijuana possession in 1976 — a night in jail that resulted in the single-coolest mugshot ever. On March 21, 1976, Bowie played a Saturday-night show at the Community War Memorial Arena in Rochester, N. Later that night, or early the next morning, Bowie and a few friends — including (and this is important) James Osterberg, Jr., 28, of Ypsilanti, Mich.

David Bowie met the supermodel Iman at a dinner party in 1990 after being introduced by their hairdresser.The pair were married one year later and a year after that welcomed their son, Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones.Following their divorce in 1980, Angela has said she lost contact with both Bowie and Duncan and hinted at her parents’ strained relationship with her former husband.When news broke of his passing at the age of 69 after a battle with cancer, fans grieved a man who had come to represent creativity, exploration and individuality in a way modern musicians never could.However, there are four people mourning the loss on a much more private level – Bowie’s ex-wife Angela Bowie, his two children Duncan and Alexandria, and the love of his life, wife Iman.• Gallery: the life and times of David Bowie in pictures • David Bowie’s most iconic moments • ‘I’ll be free’: David Bowie’s parting gift to fans • Legendary artist David Bowie dead at 69 • Bowie’s ex-wife stays on TV show Together, they are some of the few people who gained an insight into the part of Bowie he steadfastly kept private: his home life.in 2010.“He emailed me but the relationship didn’t progress and I think reconciliation is unlikely.


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