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She’s made a career of massaging, and sometimes dating, rock stars and her website boasts an impressive roster of recognizable customers.Her signature technique involves biting people’s backs with her teeth, and it’s unclear if she holds a license.

Gothard, a prominent champion of Christian home-schooling, has decried the evils of dating, rock music, and Cabbage Patch dolls; claimed public education teaches children “how to commit suicide” and undermines spirituality; contended that mental illness is merely “varying degrees of irresponsibility”; and urged wives to “submit to the leadership” of their husbands.

Fame isn’t really part of the equation in massage therapy.

There are certainly practitioners who manage a measure of success, building lucrative clienteles of wealthy people.

Simon Ridgemont First Appearance: You’re Not Punk and I’m Telling Everyone!

10 Birthdate: September 26 Height: 6’2″ Favorite Movie: The Neverending Story Simon is impulsive and excitable, leading to many of the shenanigans he and his friends constantly go through.


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